Head of Development, Supply of Physical Resources, Civil Affairs



Hamidreza Momeni

BA. Civil Engineering

Telephone: 023- 31052000, 023-33441021



  • Studying bylaws, instructions and circulars carefully issued by the competent authorities in order to better monitor construction and installation projects
  • Checking out the construction projects and proposals of the university offices for development and construction and announcing the opinion to the competent authorities in order to make a decision
  • Preparing and adjusting construction projects and plans for reducing construction and installation costs and optimal use of financial and human resources
  • Making policy and controlling construction budgets to promote construction activities
  • Studying and checking out new technologies, building materials and new facilities to be used in projects
  • Participating in technical commissions, specialized seminars and related scientific visits
  • Recognizing and employing consulting engineers to prepare plans, specifications and technical calculations of projects
  • Following the reflection of the condition of projects in terms of physical progress, attracting credit, technical and financial problems to superior officials and the relevant technical office and ministry.
  • Monitoring and supervising carefully the factors covered regarding the construction activities of the university
  • Inventing and using new and appropriate methods to improve methods and reduce costs.
  • Providing construction and new job offers
  • Predicting and proposing the budget and personnel required for the construction and installation activities of the university
  • Checking out and approving status reports
  • Identifying the talents and abilities of the employees under supervision and paying attention to their issues and problems in order to solve them
  • Distributing assigned tasks (technical, supervisory and handling ...) construction or repair projects based on the capabilities of the staff covered
  • Carrying out annual evaluation of the personnel under supervision according to the rules and instructions
  • Preparing, compiling and revising the responsibilities of the covered employees based on the organizational chart
  • Planning for the provision and construction of physical spaces of the university according to the development plan of the university
  • Cooperating in the tender program and concluding contracts with consulting companies and contractors for construction projects
  • Preparing a comprehensive plan of the university and providing facilities taking into account the development plan of the university
  • Proposing the university development budget for approval in the annual budget of the university in coordination with the Management of Program and Budget
  • Defending all plans and programs developed in the competent authorities by the university and following them in coordination with other relevant departments
  • Collecting information and statistics required from university facilities and buildings for operation in the studied programs and projects
  • Making general and management policies in order to achieve the goals of the university and proposing to the Board of Directors for approval
  • Providing suitable land for the university
  • Approving and signing the rulings on the mission request, overtime, technical rights, daily and personal leave, etc.