Head of Development of Health and Treatment Networks


رئیس گروه گسترش شبکه های بهداشتی درمانی


Nesa Zolfagharian

Telephone: 023-31052174



  • Evaluating the services of health offices and determining their effectiveness
  • Prioritizing the construction of health care units, determining the appropriate place for construction according to the rules, supervising and coordinating the construction of the building with the technical office
  • Getting to know with the applications and practical systems of the relevant unit, uploading data, and analyzing data
  • Holding workshops and training courses on technical and management issues, which are developed by the Provincial Management Group.
  • Utilizing statistical data collected for annual and medium-term planning for improving the development of health- treatment networks
  • Monitoring executive operations related to network development, monitoring the admission of health workers, and distribution of human resources
  • Analyzing statistics and information in order to calculate health indicators, determine health, determine needs and priorities, provide information reflection for health units for planning
  • Developing and implementing an annual action plan based on the strategic plan and service packages.
  • Determining needs and priorities in the distribution of network development resources, estimating human resources, creating and equipping health units
  • Developing and improving standard of health- treatment units in order to achieve gradually to comprehensive networks and their continuous monitoring
  • Preparing and notifying rules, standards on the health system, health service technology and applied research
  • Preparing and implementing applied research projects in the fields of health system in the region
  • Collecting and sending current statistics to superior offices.
  • Participating actively in internships, skills and training courses in order to improve information and job capabilities and using their results in performing assigned tasks.
  • Presenting and reflecting health- treatment achievements in order to attract public participation, political and financial support in the region
  • Reporting health problems and failures and suggesting appropriate solutions
  • Participating in the implementation of practical training courses in social and community medicine in the executive offices
  • Participating and following-up new projects related to the health services system
  • Participating in applied research in the field of health system in the relevant job.
  • Supervising the implementation of legal regulations in the employment of urban and rural human resources
  • Supervising the implementation of the criteria for the development of health- treatment units, integrating health services, and coordinating health units
  • Supervising mid-level and environmental health units (health houses, comprehensive health service centers, health bases and city headquarters) based on the network system, and creating the necessary coordination between units
  • Coordinating and cooperating with current health programs in the region
  • Cooperating in educating medical and paramedical students in the covered units.