Head of Financial Affairs of Velayat Hospital: Abolfazl Aghoshani, BA. Accounting


  • Obtaining the necessary policies and instructions from the accounting department of the General Department of Finance and the organization.
  • Collecting, maintaining, studying and implementing financial laws, directives and instructions carefully.
  • Guiding and controlling the people under supervision and dividing the responsibilities and work among them.
  • Paying expenses of office within the approved credits of the notified budget in the program and materials.
  • Making any payment in accordance with the General Accounting Law, government transaction regulations, instructions and circulars related to signing its documents.
  • Supervising in the receipt of revenues in accordance with the legal regulations and instructions of the organization and transferring the received revenues can be transferred to the relevant accounts in the Treasury.
  • Supervising in settling debtors' accounts (salaries of battalions, debtors of individuals and prepayments, etc.), timely payment of legal deductions to the relevant accounts.
  • Preparing financial statements of the office through continuous monitoring of financial operations, accounting, maintenance and preparation of accounts in accordance with the by-laws, regulations of the writing of relevant books and regulations, their accuracy and soundness, and preparing financial reports
  • Supervising the implementation of laws and regulations of the financial operations of the office in accordance with the regulations of independent offices, the provisions of financial and transaction regulations and other related laws
  • Informing and controlling the delegation of authority of the officials of office for authorized signatures for the implementation of the new financial system based on the instructions issued by the relevant ministry
  • Performing other affairs assigned by the head of the hospital and the head of Financial Affairs of the university headquarters


Location: This office is located in the building next to the hospital called the Financial Office Building.