Head of IT of VH

Jamal Mansoori


Expert of IT of VH

Ali Akbar Forati


Location: Ground floor, a corridor of Support and Administrative Offices.

Telephone: 023-35225143

Internal NO: 2203


Due to the mechanization of many medical and administrative activities of the hospital from before the patient's admission, including appointing and inquiries until after patients' discharge to the staff and physician payment process and sending insurance documents in software and in the network. This underscores the importance of IT support at all hours of the day and night. Accordingly, the activities of IT are divided into the following groups.


Website and Notices:

  • Updating the hospital website including news and educational content
  • Following up the HIS communication project of the hospital and the SMS system
  • Sending informational messages to staff and physicians
  • Uploading personnel error forms on the website and submitting periodic reports
  • Uploading a complaint form and submitting periodic reports