Head of Maternal and Population and Fertility Health


رییس گروه سلامت مادران، جمعیت و باروری


Azar Riazi doost


Telephone: 023- 31052188



  • Determining the general policies of family nutrition and health programs in the province
  • Reviewing and classifying regional needs and priorities, formulating operational plan for nutrition and family health based on studies and surveys
  • Supervising the implementation of nutritional programs and family health
  • Preparing educational protocols for nutritional programs and family health based on regional needs extracted from research and studies
  • Training and retraining of different categories of human resources of health in the province based on regional and national training protocols
  • Supervising the implementation of relevant educational programs for health workers of health
  • Implementing public educational programs related to nutrition and family health in the province
  • Designing, preparing and compiling educational materials and tools such as posters, booklets, pamphlets, charts, tablet boards, tracts, etc.
  • Preparing educational texts for the instructors of the village welfare training and midwifery training center
  • Training and retraining of trainers of welfare training centers and training of village midwives regarding the relevant programs, and monitoring the implementation of training programs in those centers
  • Designing and implementing research projects on family health and nutrition in the province to achieve results and appropriate solutions to solve problems, formulate and implement interventional and correction program
  • Implementing regional and national research projects presented by the Semnan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services and the relevant ministry in the field of family health and nutrition
  • Participating with the Department of Community Medicine and the School of Health and Paramedical School in educating students
  • Training of target groups with the cooperation and participation of other relevant organizations (Education, Literacy, Agriculture, Armed Forces, etc.)
  • Supervising the supply and distribution of human resources in family health units in the province
  • Supervising the supply and equipping of materials and equipment required by family health units in the province
  • Supervising the activities of midwives working in maternity facilities, and creating educational opportunities for them
  • Collecting information and statistics, preparing performance reports and sending them to the General Department of Family Health
  • Analyzing the collected information and providing the necessary feedback to the affiliated offices
  • Evaluating and offering proposals, creating and launching new offices providing family health and nutritional services in the province
  • Coordinating inter-sectorally to meet the educational and executive needs of family nutrition and health programs
  • Preparing and proposing the implementation of pilot projects, analyzing information and presenting the results to be distributed to the whole province
  • Carrying out other assigned tasks related to Deputy of Health


The specialized group of population and family health provides services for the target groups (infants, children, middle-aged, elderly, pregnant mothers) by providing, maintaining and promoting the health level of the covered community.


Other responsibilities:

  • Recognizing the potential capabilities of the region,
  • notifying high-level policies to the environment,
  • Planning and determining regional policies,
  • Planning, monitoring and participating in staff training and retraining,
  • Increasing health literacy in the community,
  • Coordinating and participating internally and externally,
  • Monitoring the performance of affiliated centers,
  • Distributing credits and monitoring the cost of credits,
  • Collecting and processing data,
  • Monitoring and evaluating current programs,
  • Conducting applied research.