Head of Organizational Development and Administrative Transformation



Hasan Adham

Organizational Post: Head of Organizational Development and Administrative Transformation

MA. Law


Telephone: 023- 33441022

Internal NO: 2028



  • Developing the annual operational plan of the Vice Chancellor for Development and Human Resources based on the strategic plan of SEMUMS
  • Planning to implement programs to reform the administrative system, develop and promote the concepts of change in the university
  • Planning and establishing a system of suggestions to take advantage of the opinions of employees and people in improving service delivery
  • Planning, implementing and monitoring to institutionalize the operational planning system at the university level
  • Establishing and developing a comprehensive system of knowledge management and organizational learning at the university level
  • Studying, reviewing and improving the structure reform, responsibilities of offices and organizational posts in coordination with affiliated offices
  • Striving to improve productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction and reducing costs.
  • Supervising and reviewing the cases of appointment and change of title, promotion of rank and class, and applying diploma and experimental records of employees working in the form of university job expertizing committees
  • Re-engineering, analyzing and designing systems and methods of work in coordination and cooperation of related offices
  • Planning and taking action for the correct implementation of the criteria for selection, appointment and change of managers in the form of the University Management Development Working Group
  • Supervising the correct implementation of laws, regulations, directives and instructions related to related programs such as executive regulations of the organization, plan of job classification and criteria for selection, appointment and change of managers in the university
  • Supervising the correct implementation of recruitment rules related to the organization and classification of jobs
  • Supervising the employment of human resources in the headquarters and executive offices of the university according to the relevant posts
  • Preparing administrative reports of performance for reflection to senior officials
  • Following planning to establish new management systems and styles to efficiently perform key missions and tasks
  • Conducting continuous studies on job design, job analysis and job conditions
  • Studying and establishing management systems and styles in order to improve management
  • Performing the affairs of the Secretariat of Councils and Administrative Transformation Commissions, as the case may be
  • Developing and implementing culturing programs, and creating a suitable environment for the realization of administrative transformation
  • Collaborating, following up and monitoring programs of administrative transformation
  • Submitting a periodic report on the performance of the administrative transformation to the secretariat of the University Administrative Transformation Council
  • Participating in seminars, congresses and conferences as ordered by superiors
  • Carrying out other affairs according to the order of the superior authority