Head of Personnel Office



  • Deciding, planning and monitoring the implementation of administrative and employment laws and regulations.
  • Studying rules and regulations, circulars and instructions and notifying to the relevant offices if necessary
  • Supervising the strict implementation of laws and regulations and notified instructions and transferring to the relevant offices if necessary
  • Acquiring defined policies and adopting necessary measures using modern methods
  • Planning, organizing and dividing work among subordinate personnel
  • Supervising the proper implementation of administrative laws and regulations
  • Supervising the activities of all employees under its supervision
  • Supervising the issuance of all rulings
  • Announcing opinions on the use of human resources in full compliance with laws and regulations
  • Coordinating with the experts of the relevant ministry and the country's Management and Planning Organization for the correct implementation of laws and regulations
  • Supervising the preparation and formulation of the purpose of the tasks of the subsystem organizational systems based on the approved organizational structure
  • Participating in various meetings according to the superior’s order
  • Creating a policy according to the general policy set by the relevant ministry and coordinating the activities of the affiliated offices with the desired programs and goals
  • Supervising the performance of all measures related to employment tests
  • Analyzing the reports submitted by the subordinate staff and reflecting them to the superior