Head of Postgraduate Studies


Dr. Hamid Reza Sameni

Associate Prof., Anatomy



Telephone: 023- 31052161





  • Supervising the implementation of regulations, educational services of colleges and affiliated units
  • Preparing and maintaining the academic records of students and graduates
  • Preparing and compiling regulations for educational services to propose to the Deputy of Educational Affairs to approve them
  • Supervising the registration, maintenance and control of courses
  • Performing operations related to deleting and adding courses
  • Coordinating between the faculties and affiliated institutions of the university regarding educational activities
  • Registering, controlling and grading of students' grades with the cooperation of the Computer Center
  • Issuing transcripts, graduation certificates and study cards for students
  • Carrying out matters related to the Students’ Military Service and maintaining related files
  • Issuing temporary certificates, academic certificates, graduation certificates and foreign correspondence with universities asking about graduates
  • Providing graduation certificates of graduates to perform services of human resources plan
  • Issuing Degree licenses for all graduates
  • Preparing student statistics, in collaboration with computer centers
  • Organizing the list of excellent students, in cooperation with the faculties
  • Coordinating between the activities of affiliated offices
  • Controlling the work of affiliated offices, by supervising their work
  • Carrying out all matters related to registration, education and graduation of university assistants
  • This office includes other offices like admission and registration, educational and automation services, graduates, and the graduate studies.