Department of Hygiene and Health Promotion


This department offers a wide range of courses and training programs to meet the needs of diverse people at BSc level. Our main goal is to develop people’s competence in the core areas of public health, educating them with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to become effective practitioners and researchers, to engage people in the development and translation of new knowledge to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of public health services and to promote collaborations with community partners and stakeholders to increase public health and foster their regional and global participation.

Academic Staff:

CV Degree/Major Name
CV Ph.D, Assistant prof. Parasitology Behrad Pour Mohammadi
CV Ph.D, Assistant prof. Reproductive Health Setareh Homami
CV Ph.D, Assistant prof. Family in Health Mohammaed Reza Ghanepour
CV Ph.D, Assistant prof. Health Education and Health Promotion Hesamoldin Asgari Majdabadi
CV Ph.D, Assistant prof. Health Policy Esmaeil Moshiri
CV Ph.D, Assistant prof. Health Policy Mohamad Ezati asar



Head of Department
Dr. Mohammaed Reza Ghanepour