IT of MH


Head of IT

Safora Ghandali



  • Installing and setting up hospital computer systems
  • Participating in setting up computer networks in coordination with the University IT Center
  • Visiting hospital computers periodically and fixing hardware and software defects
  • Making network-related settings for connecting to the Internet in coordination with the University IT Center
  • Training and guiding personnel to solve hardware and software problems
  • Proposing specifications of required network equipment and estimating their price in coordination with the University IT Center
  • Registering the hardware list of computers that do not have an identification code and submitting it to the Information Technology Center
  • Collaborating in the installation and training of software related to fields
  • Preparing training programs for employees related to their office, following up and monitoring the proper implementation of the program
  • Collaborating in the study and evaluation of existing activities, systems and methods, and providing corrective suggestions to achieve organizational goals
  • Troubleshooting the LAN network of relevant office and solving problems in coordination with the University IT Center
  • Installing new nodes in the relevant office and monitoring its implementation
  • Installing antivirus and network settings to connect to the Internet and network in coordination with the University IT Center
  • Testing and approving LAN plans of the relevant office
  • Following up on hardware causes of internet disruption or interruption
  • Investigating and identifying the function and disorders in the wireless network of the relevant office
  • Monitoring network security in the relevant office
  • Identifying technically in preparing software for the relevant office and submitting a written report under the supervision of the University IT Center
  • Consulting on the use of new equipment
  • Supervising the technical operation of software of relevant office
  • Receiving serial numbers for new computers purchased for offices, registering their hardware specifications file, and modifying the location and its user in case of transfer to the Statistics and Technology Center
  • Solving the problems of office automation users
  • Installing and modifying the Windows on the relevant office computers, performing the relevant settings and other required applications
  • Training new users of office automation
  • Managing and supporting HIS system which includes the following:


Instructing the using of system to the users of the offices

Solving problems of users in registration of information

Defining system including user definition, definition of insurance with insurance details and ...

Checking out system processes and providing appropriate solutions