Infrastructure of IT


Networking is an essential element of an organization to provide communication and processing infrastructure. Nowadays, a safe, stable, developing and appropriate platform is needed to continue the services of an organization, based on the development of computer technologies in all dimensions of the organization. Specialized personnel, hardware, and software are required to design, develop and support appropriate infrastructure.

Satisfaction and desirable services for all walks of society has been the policy of Semnan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services since its establishment. Therefore, Group of Networking and Infrastructure of SEMUMS has set the following policies for itself:


  • Making the policy in order to solve the problems and change the current situation in order to achieve the desired system of information and communication technology in the university
  • Approving macro strategies of information and communication technology of the university in the fields of education, research, treatment and health
  • Making policy to support and expand the use of information and communication technology applications in the university and to coordinate the relationship between the relevant offices
  • Determining the methods of providing services to users of university network services
  • Implementing goals of IT related to the office of networking and infrastructure
  • Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of approved policies of the office
  • Developing infrastructure of networking
  • Upgrading local services to optimize service delivery to users