Introduction of Biobank

Millions of biological samples are collected annually from around the world for various purposes, including basic studies, clinical trials, and epidemiology. Biological samples are stored in bio-banks for future review. Blood samples, frozen tissues and paraffin are the most common types of biomass samples.

Biological samples are a valuable treasure of primary research data. They are stored in the specific banks in standard conditions based on international standard and are made available to researchers.

The Vice- Chancellor of Research and Technology and the Head of Core Research Laboratory tried to meet the need of researchers of SEMUMS for cellular and tissue samples to expand their research studies, and establishing a capable center for preserving biological samples obtained from large cohort projects by providing the necessary conditions and equipment (including establishing a clean room, purchasing a centrifuge, fluorescent inverter microscope, CO2 incubator, 80- freezers, nitrogen tanks,  setting up of a nitrifying machine in the cold room of the Core Research Laboratory and other equipment of the room culture room).

This bio-bank has been established to provide mutual communication with researchers inside and outside the SEMUMS to maintain resources and increase the quality and the relationship of research and clinic. It aims to expand its activities in three areas: cell bank, molecular bank and biological sample bank.


Head of the Center

Dr. Ali Khaleghian

Telephone: 023-33654202