Introduction of Core Research Laboratory

Core Research Laboratory of SEMUMS was established by the Deputy of Research and Technology to strengthen and develop a network approach in the field of laboratory activities, provide specialized laboratory services, provide the possibility of advancing research projects for the use of faculty members, researchers and students. Now, this laboratory is ready to provide instrumental services to researchers of SEMUMS, other universities and research centers. Reconstruction, changing of the use and equipping the Core Research-Educational Laboratory of SEMUMS in accordance with the macro policies of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education was on the program of the university in 2015. This laboratory has provided advanced devices and equipment and created a suitable place for the use of faculty members, researchers and students in order to strengthen and develop the network approach in the field of research-related laboratory activities in SEMUMS and affiliated research centers. The main goal of this laboratory is to provide and purchase the advanced, accurate and up-to-date laboratory equipment and devices through reputable domestic and international companies and manufacturers.