Introduction of Infection Control of MH


Doctor of Infection Control of MH

Dr. Niyati


Expert of Infection Control of MH

Ms. Samari


Scientific approaches to the problem of hospital infections have led to the recommendation that all hospitals should have an Infection Control Committee (ICC) that is responsible for planning, evaluating, making decisions, and performing all tests related to infection control.

Infection Control of this center is supervised by an infectious disease specialist and infection control supervisor.

Members of ICC:

  • Infection Control Physician (Head of the Committee) preferably an epidemiologist
  • A nurse or bachelor's degree related to infection control
  • A Specialist of Laboratory Science
  • Head or manager of hospital


An infection control interface has been identified in each ward who operates in line with the goals of the hospital infection care system. He/ she is supervised by the infection control supervisor.

The hospital infection control committee is formed monthly with the presence of members in the management office.


Educational and Research Records:

  • Teaching infection control topics to different groups of hospitals
  • Preparing posters and pamphlets related to infection control
  • Preparing instructions and guidelines related to infection control