Introduction of Office of Recruitment


It is a subset of the Department of Human Resources Supply and Distribution under the supervision of Management of Human Resources. The organizational task of this office is to attract and employ the required personnel of the university through holding recruitment exams or calling and specialized interviews. This is done in coordination with other offices and organizations such as the the Selection Core, the Management of Security, the Organization of Foundation of the Martyr and Veterans Affairs of the province and its affiliated offices, the Provincial Government.

Due to the abundance of worker resources in the community and the high demand of job seekers for employment in the university, this office is responsible for selecting and hiring the best people from the many applicants. Therefore, in order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to design processes to achieve this optimization. For this purpose, this office is foreseen in the organizational chart of the university in the headquarters section in order to be able to fulfill the explained goals. It focuses on the upgrading the current system of organizational operations from manual to electronic mode to reduce the level of referrals and turnover of unnecessary operations to take steps to honor the client and provide better services to them.