Introduction of Planning and Development of Human Resources


Among the factors of production, human resources, as the most basic factor, undoubtedly play a key role in the production of goods and services. Efficient human resources can be considered the most important asset of an organization. Therefore, any process that promotes the capability of human resources commensurate with the type of work and activity, is a capital-intensive process, the result of which is directly reflected in the quality and quantity of production. Education is a process which is responsible for this matter. Therefore, education is the key to development. Different trainings in each organization are very important in order to improve the level of knowledge, work skills, improve and develop the behavior of employees, and increase the efficiency of the organization.

Today, training and strengthening of human resources is a key strategy for adapting positively to changing circumstances, and is also seen as a competitive advantage for organizations. Therefore, its strategic position and importance in the survival and development of the organization is undeniable. If training is used properly and competently as a key factor in development, the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization will increase significantly.