The Center of Clinical Skills Education of SEMUMS


Head of the Center

Dr. Mohammad Khaleghi Hashemian (Surgeon and orthopedic specialist)


Expert of the Center

Fatemeh Heidari (MSc. Critical Care Nursing)


Address: The Center of Clinical Skills Education of SEMUMS, Semnan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, Basij Blvd, Semnan, Iran

Telephone: 023-31422414


Development and Goals of the Center:

Teaching of practical skills along with theoretical courses are important in Medical Education. Learning practical techniques and skills to apply the knowledge learned in theoretical classes is a prerequisite for any medical graduate. Considering ethical issues, it is also important to have moulages on which practical procedures can be practiced by medical students, because the possible damage caused by medical novices does not occur to humans. Also, it is possible to practice a skill on the moulage many times, while it is not possible to perform a frequent examination on patients in clinics. By increasing the number of medical students and not matching of number of real cases with number of medical students, medical moulages become more important.

Due to the advancement of educational technologies, it is possible to learn practical skills through educational software and CDs, virtual- reality devices and other modern teaching aids, which is one of the long-term goals of The Center of Clinical Skills Education of SEMUMS.

Considering the Clinical Competency Tests in the field of medical and nursing students, which are held comprehensively and centrally throughout the country, students' familiarity with practical skills will help the success of medical students in these tests.

This center has been located in its new building since 2017, and has the ability to provide services to students of different fields as well as staff of the university and other institutions.


Potential Capacities of the Clinical Skills Center:

  • Education Clinical skills
  • Continuous educating of physicians and staff of health centers
  • Self-study programs
  • Producing content of training courses, especially virtual education
  • Holding practical exams of different faculties
  • Holding employment tests and practical interviews


Available capacities of the Center of Clinical Skills Education of SEMUMS:

  • A class suitable for 50 students, with computer, video projector to hold theoretical classes
  • Moulage Pharmacy
  • A class related to gynecological and midwifery moulages
  • A class related to practicing different clinical skills
  • A salon suitable for 20 people with video projectors for training workshops
  • 10 rooms on the upper floor of the center for holding Clinical Competency Tests and Practical Station Exams equipped with CCTV cameras and control room
  • Possibility of holding training courses electronically (A salon next to the Clinical Skills Training Center has 44 computers that can hold training courses)


For more information, please refer to the page related to the University Electronic Testing Center.