Labor and LDR of VH


Technical Official of Labor

Dr. Gholi beiki


Head of the ward: Fereshte Ardakani


It is the space where women are cared for in order to end the pregnancy (in the latent or active phase) until the beginning of labor. The atmosphere of Labor room is the least stressful and the environment is similar to home.

Velayat Hospital has been equipped with a modern system to control labor process, delivery and postpartum instead of the previous traditional one since mid-2016. In this system the processes of labor, delivery and two hours after delivery are done in a room with a bed for a mother. The bed of this room can be turned into a suitable position for labor and delivery. Each room has a toilet and a bathroom. The mother is transferred to the Gynecology ward two hours after delivery until discharge.

By creating this system and maintaining the privacy of the mother and single rooms, one of the best conditions has been provided for the mother to have a physiological delivery. In Liber, methods of reducing non-pharmacological pain, including relaxation, heat therapy, cold therapy, birth balls, etc., are available to mothers which are taught every week on Wednesdays in childbirth preparation classes at the hospital's women's clinic.