Laboratory Sciences and Hematology 

The main mission of the Department of Laboratory Sciences and Hematology is to train people who can perform various tests on blood or other body fluids and tissues by using electronic devices and various methods in the clinical laboratories of hospitals and laboratories of health centers with the special knowledge they have learned. 



The purpose of the undergraduate program is to train students who can provide laboratory services. In this program, students are given the necessary general and specific training in order to make them able to perform basic and routine tests in health and clinical laboratories.



Laboratory experts will use a variety of laboratory equipment and techniques to perform laboratory services. These include microscopic studies, molecular detection methods, various biochemical methods, immunology, and microbiology.


Academic staff




Dariush Haghmorad

Ph.D, Assistant prof, Immunology


Ali Ghasemi

Ph.D, Assistant prof, Laboratory Hematology and Blood Bank


Saeid Shahrabi

Ph.D, Assistant prof, Laboratory hematology and blood bank


Majid Eslami

Ph.D, Assistant prof, Medical bacteriology