Lending Regulations of CL

Lending Regulations:


Post-graduate students

  • The loan period for postgraduate students is set at a maximum of 21 days. Extending the loan period  is subject to non-booking of requested books by other members.
  • Postgraduate students can borrow a maximum of seven books at the same time

Undergraduate students

  • The students can borrow a book for 14 days and its extending is subject to non-booking of requested book by other members.
  • The students can borrow up to 5 books at the same time.
  • The students are not allowed to hand over the borrowed books to others.
  • The students are required to borrow and return books with their student ID card personally.
  • Textbooks can be placed in the reservation section.
  • The loan period of textbooks can be reduced according to the needs of the students

Reference books (references, Dictionaries, encyclopedias)dissertations and research projects are not lent.

Book Delay Penalties:

If the borrowed books are not returned on the due date, the student will be dealt with as follows:

  • A fine of 1000 Rails will be calculated and taken per day, which will be based on the number of days of delay from the date of initial return of the book.
  • If the total delay reaches 100 days, the student membership will be suspended until the student submits his / her settlement to the library.