Library of VH


Damghan Hospital Library was launched in April 2013. At present, this library provides services to its users with 1688 volumes of Persian books, 458 volumes of English books, 2 titles of Persian periodicals and 57 titles of CDs.

The training groups of the Velayat hospital are:

Bachelor of Nursing, Medicine, Emergencies, Environmental Health, Occupational Health, Public Health, Anesthesia, Operating Room, Medical Equipment, Information Technology, Midwifery, University Jihad


The library is not currently equipped with software and services are provided manually.

The community using the library of Damghan Hospital, including associate and bachelor's degree students, bachelor's and doctoral students, faculty members, staff of health centers and students of different educational groups of the Velayat hospital as well as researchers from other universities are allowed to use the library resources.

This library has a study hall with an area of 101 square meters, 6 study tables for 4 people and 2 study tables for 8 people and 50 chairs.

ISBN library number (International Standard Identifier of Libraries registered in the National Document and Library Center of the country)


Head of library of VH

Ms. Sori, BA. Nursing

Telephone: 35225122

Internal NO: 2292

Library of Velayat Hospital is open at working hours in mornings.