Macro Goals of Statistics


This office must organize, coordinate, and supervise the collecting of information and statistics. Also, it must provide statistical analysis of the university, based on the policies and guidelines approved by the SEMUMS and the relevant ministry. Meanwhile, it believes that the effectiveness and efficiency of the university programs will increase with the dynamism of the information system. As a result, the real needs of the university and the society will be met.


Explanation and development of the registration system and circulation of statistics and information

  • Preparing and publicizing statistical yearbooks
  • Establishing a system of registration statistics and reforming the current system of data collection (SIMA system)
  • Transferring and upgrading from form-based collection to extracting information from existing software (SIMA system)
  • Analyzing the statistics of important and selected indicators


Promotion and development of statistical culture and empowerment of employees and managers

  • Developing a culture of using statistics to improve processes and manage offices
  • Planning the information required by decision makers at university management levels
  • Cooperating and consulting in the implementation of research projects in the field of statistical software
  • Updating continuously the home page of the statistics office in the portal scientifically- practically


Development of training and strengthening of offices of statistics

  • Developing and strengthening scientific knowledge of interested and relevant employees through training of specialized statistical software (SPSS, MINITAB, R, ...)
  • Establishing and operating an integrated system of statistics management (SIMA)
  • Developing human resources specialized in statistics


Designing and launching an integrated system of statistics management in the university (SIMA system)

  • Designing and creating various dashboards based on required indicators (SIMA system)
  • Preparing and using information packages for decision makers through periodic, quarterly reports
  • Supporting statistical systems and information technology at the university


Responsibilities of Office of Statistics

  • Strengthening the institution of management of statistics in Semnan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services
  • Creating beliefs and strengthening consumers of statistics and information in the university to recognize and use statistical indicators
  • Creating beliefs and strengthening statistics and information producers to record information accurately and send it correctly
  • Making the process of circulation of statistics and information transparent in the university
  • Developing rules and standards of the statistical system
  • Developing a university statistics system
  • Applying and developing information and communication technology and creatng statistical databases
  • Improving the quality and quantity of statistical reports
  • Establishing communication and cooperating with other universities and organizations regarding statistical information
  • Developing required statistical research
  • Developing the use of data and statistical indicators