Major Universities of Region One


Transformation and Innovation in Medical Education


Transformation in the educational system of medical education with emphasis on the country's priorities is mentioned as the fourth step of Transformation Program of Health System, so the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education is committed to its effective realization.

Comprehensive Program of Higher Education of the Health System is a strategic document to achieve the goals of the Transformation Program of Health System, that was compiled based on documents such as Iran Vision, 2025 Comprehensive Scientific Map of the Country, Comprehensive Scientific Map of Health and Transformation Program of Health System.


The macro policies outlined in the strategic program include:

  • Institutionalizing the responsive education approach in the health system
  • Promoting justice in higher health education
  • Developing new knowledge with emphasis on interdisciplinary areas and focus on new sciences and technologies
  • Being present in regional and global educational arenas
  • Networking in the health higher education system
  • Organizing hospitals and educational and medical centers
  • Institutionalizing professional ethics
  • Benefiting from new technologies in higher health education
  • Improving the human resources of the higher health education section
  • Decentralization in the higher health education system
  • Creating knowledge-based wealth in the field of higher health education
  • Producing and localizing valid scientific evidence to promote higher health education (education research)