Center of Continuous Education of Medical Community



To promote health and quality of continuous education, the Center of Continuous Education of Medical Community intends to support medical community, develop the standards of continuous education of medical community, and provide budget to centers of continuous education by continuous education of all graduates of medical community and developing policies of continuous education of medical community.


Therefore, it has launched an integrated system of continuous education of the medical community. The features of this system are as follows:

  • Informing optimally about events of continuous education to those covered by the Continuing Education Law
  • Searching for programs of continuous education by participants and continuous education centers
  • Enrolling in in-person and online programs by participants
  • Reducing the registration time of the participants in the programs due to the registration of the basic information in the system
  • Informing program secretaries and participants through message and e-mail
  • Viewing the training record of the participants according to the accumulation of information about the programs of the participants
  • Managing the registration list of participants of the programs
  • Completing and sending licenses of continuous education programs by centers of continuous education through the system and eliminating the long process of sending paper documents
  • Reducing the accessing time of the headquarters to the information of the licenses issued by the Continuous Education Center and eliminating the paper system
  • Registering licenses of online educational centers, facilitating procedures of issuing licenses according to the possibility of sending and receiving messages for continuous education centers and headquarters



  • Increasing the efficiency of human resources and empowering the participants
  • Helping to solve the problems and employment-oriented needs of the participants
  • Developing programs of continuous education for all participants
  • Covering all those involved inside and outside the organization in programs of continuous education
  • Improving the effectiveness of training by shortening the time of training courses and accelerating the process of empowering efficient manpower and reducing the cost of training
  • Optimizing the implementation of program of needs assessment
  • Prioritizing the implementation of the center's programs based on needs assessment
  • Developing the process of informing to the participants
  • Improving the quality of audio-visual services
  • Improving welfare services to participants in the program
  • Promoting the employment of speakers, preferably with the academic rank of Assistant Professor and above
  • Providing the participants and targeted groups with CDs of the content presented by speakers
  • Recruiting experts for in-person programs separately for physicians and paramedics
  • Recruiting an expert related to the needs assessment of educational programs
  • Recruiting an expert related to online programs