Motion analysis laboratory

Location: Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Research Center

Year of the Establishment: February, 2010


Major specialized equipment: 7 3D infrared motion capture camera, Force Plate, 8-channel electromyographic electrical muscle activity recording system, High speed camcorder, 64-channel analog-to-digital system and computer to synchronize signals received from the power plate, 7 infrared cameras and 8-channel EMG system.


Research and Educational Applications: In the field of education, the capabilities of the system can be used to teach how to move and how to work muscle during movements and how to distribute the weight below the contact surface of the foot. In the field of research, the advanced and accurate capabilities can be used to evaluate the movements of limbs, trunk and spine, especially the gait pattern after all rehabilitation interventions in cardiovascular, neuromuscular, musculoskeletal and neurological patients.

In the field of education and therapy, the force plate system can be used to teach how to bear the weight on the legs. Also, this system has the ability to modify the weight bearing pattern on the lower limbs.