Muscular Ultrasonography and Sonography Biofeedback Training Laboratory

Location: Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Research Center

Year of the Establishment: April, 2010


Major Specialized Equipment: An Honda 2100 ultrasound machine, Convex probe and examination bed.

Research, Educational and Therapeutic Applications:

  • Ultrasonography to determine changes in muscle size to accurately evaluate the effects of various exercises used and determine the best exercise therapy protocols,
  • Muscle biofeedback and deep muscle contraction training in cases of neuromuscular and skeletal disorders and correction of defective postures.
  • Setting up a muscle ultrasound biofeedback training course for students


In the field of education, the capabilities of the system can be used to show the contractions of deep muscles and how this muscle works during movements, especially the movements of the spine and the joints of the thighs and shoulders. In this section, biofeedback methods of muscle function can be demonstrated for students in practical training.

In the field of research, this laboratory can be used to accurately determine the cross-sectional area of muscles before and after exercise therapy interventions. Thus the best exercise therapy protocols for different muscles are examined. Also, this system can be used to correct defective postures by training muscle function.