Neuromuscular Electrodiagnostic Laboratory

Location: Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Research Center

Year of the Establishment: March, 2002

Major Specialized Equipment: Two-channel electromyography and electro-neuronography device, Keypoint model, Dantec factory.

Research and Educational Applications: Accurate recording, measurement and evaluation of electrical neuromuscular signals including Insertional activity signals, Spontaneous activities, Interference pattern, electrical activity of muscles during voluntary contraction, and evaluation of Neuromuscular Junction Function by Repetative Stimulation Methods, investigation of electrical conduction of sensory and motor nerves, and Somatosensory Evoked Potentials to study the function of the optic, auditory, or sensory nervous systems. These signals can be used to diagnose pathological conditions, whether neurological or myogenic. This device can be used to determine the rate of change in the electrical conduction velocity of motor or sensory nerves.