Nursing Office


Head of Nursing Office

Ms. Kamali (Metron)


Location: The first floor of Motamedi Hospital

Head of Nursing Office: Ms. Kamali

Educational Supervisor: Fatemeh Madah

Clinical Supervisor: Zahra Nikrad, Zahra Ahmadi, Soghari Shah Hosseini, Fatemeh Dadgar, Ahmad Reza Ahmadi, Maryam Heidari

Telephone: 34227010, 34220096



  • Developing and monitoring the implementation of educational programs for patients and families at different levels
  • Providing an appropriate nursing model by making effective communication and optimal performance, nice professional behavior, attracting the participation of the health team to increase satisfaction as much as possible
  • Achieving and supervising based on two things: Employees (human resources), Service in the organization based on the fourth generation of accreditation standards
  • Implementing an operational plan of the nursing office, adopting appropriate methods, and determining the schedule to achieve those goals in the direction of patient safety


Long-Term Goals of Nursing Services Management:

  • Planning to improve the professional knowledge and skills of employees
  • Planning for continuous quality improvement
  • Supervising the implementation of standard care
  • Coordinating and participating in health planning, infection control and education actively


Goals of Nursing Office of Motamedi Hospital:

  • Improving nursing services quantitatively and qualitatively, and evaluating them continuously
  • Organizing human resources according to the activities of relevant offices
  • Increasing the satisfaction of patients, companions and staff
  • Planning education and accessing to the latest care and diagnostic methods
  • Encouraging employees to increase motivation
  • Supervising the implementation of sharia standards
  • Creating communication between employees properly, and creating an environment of understanding between officials and staff
  • Informing guidelines and standards
  • Coordinating with the head of hospital regarding the timely payment of nurses' claims
  • Striving to coordinate as many specialists, doctors and nursing staff as possible in order to make a proper two-way communication and create a suitable work environment for the two groups


Recommendations and tips to clients (medical, administrative, etc.):

Dear clients, please respect the hospital staff, be patient, and do not make the environment tense by making noise so that we can all serve the patients properly and in a calm environment.