Nursing Care Research Center


Nursing Care research center was established in 2010 and obtained a preliminary approval of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology of Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education in July 2015.


Nursing care research center have been established to develop qualitative and quantitative research in the field of nursing and care at the local, regional, national and international level. This center works in the field of education and research in domains of prevention, treatment, nursing care and rehabilitation. The main activities of center were included:

·         Ethics in research,

·         Maintaining the dignity and rights of human beings,

·         Producing and promoting of nursing knowledge,

·         Supporting for new research and applications in the field of nursing,

·         Performing high quality and targeted research activities,

·         Training efficient researcher resources in the field nursing,

·         Helping to improve the health of patients and the health of the community.

The mission is to facilitate the research enhancement of nursing profession. This research will be developed in individual, family and society dimensions that focused on public health care, acute and emergency services. Also, diversity of research in the application of technology in education and nursing care, training programs, researching empowerment, publishing books and journals, and contracting work with other professions for a scientific synergy purposes are other activities of research center.


  1. Performing high quality research in nursing care domain.
  2. Recruitment of nursing researchers
  3. Training expert manpower for scientific and research activities.
  4. Attempt to utilizing research findings for clinical settings.
  5. Development of nursing care knowledge
  6. Creating an appropriate context to cooperate with other national and international research centers. 
  7. Facilitate the preparation of high quality research proposal
  8. help researchers throughout the research process such as data collection, data analysis, and scientific writing
  9. Development research culture in all branches of nursing.



Research Projects

1. Depression, anxiety and stress and their relation to the level of vitamin D and estrogen in menopausal woman in Semnan

Executive Director: Zeinab Hydarinia ; Monir Nobahar

2. The Effect of Stress Management Training and learning-Study strategies on Psychological and academic performance  of university entrance exam preparation volunteers schools in Semnan; 2015-16.

Executive Director: Nemat Sotodehasl ; Mohammad Abdoli-Zaker

3. Comparing the Effect of Pre-operative and Post-operative Supplemental Fluid Therapy on Severity of Post-operative Nausea and Vomiting (PONV) and Pain in Patients Undergoing Breast Cancer Surgery.

Executive Director:  Mohsen Solimani ; Mohammad Mohammadi; Homan Tymorian

4. Medical patients transfering risk classification from intensive care units

Executive Director: Abbasali Ebrahimian ; Hosein Ghasemian-Nik ; Ali Fakhr-Movahedi

5. Survey the effect of valerian on sleep quality, anxiety and depression in patients undergoing hemodialysis

Executive Director: Monir Nobahar ; Zeinab Hydarinia ; Abbasali Ebrahimian

6. Compare the effect of topical and oral flaxseed-oil on pruritus severity of hemodialysis patients

Executive Director: Mohsen Solimani; Seyedeh Rahime Nabavi; Abbasali Ebrahimian; Nadia Karimi

7. The comparison of tracheal tube close and open suction on severity of pain and physiological indicators in under mechanical ventilation traumatic brain injuries patients   

Executive Director:Ali Fakhr-Movahedi; Samane Azizi; Abbasali Ebrahimian

8. Effect of body position on chest pain severity and physiologic parameters in patient with unstable angina in Erfan hospital of Tehran city

Executive Director:Ali Fakhr-Movahedi;  Samane Azizi; Abbasali Ebrahimian

9. The effect of valerian (Sedamin) on cognitive disorders in patients undergoing hemodialysis

Executive Director: Monir Nobahar; Zeinab Hydarinia; Abbasali Ebrahimian

10. Comparing the effect of localcoldness, heat and intermittent cold - heat application on chest pain severity during respiratory exercise in patients after open heart surgery

Executive Director: Ali Fakhr-Movahedi; Abbasali Ebrahimian; Afsane Zaree; Kamran Ghods

11. The effect of acupressure on the clinical manifestations of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

Executive Director: Mohammad-Reza Askari; Saeedeh-Sadat MusaviNejad; Parviz Ahangar ; Abbasali Ebrahimian; Hassan Babamohammadi; Atefe Aminian; Raheb Ghorbani








Askari majdabadi



Seifollah Alaei



Monir Nobahar



Hasan Babamohammadi



Abasali Ebrahimian



Aliasghar Ghods



Mohsen Solimani



M.R. Asgari







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Topics for Research in Nursing Care Research Center, Semnan, Iran

  1. Disaster relief and nursing
  2. Nursing care in cardiac, respiratory, renal and brain disorders
  3. Nursing care in chronic and fateful disease(with a special look at cancer and diabetes(
  4. Promoting the quality of nursing care and increasing patient satisfaction
  5. Clinical Skills Training in nursing
  6. Patient and family education
  7. Nursing care in emergency (pre-hospital and in-hospital(
  8. Nursing care at before and after periods of common surgical procedures
  9. Nursing Care Quality Measurement
  10.  Development and promotion of professional issues in nursing



Research Projects  in Nursing Care Research Center, Semnan University Of Medical Sciences, Semnan, Iran


Research Work Title


Accepted Date



Effect of applying the sound heart model on spiritual health in the emergency medical services personnel of Semnan province

Dr Ebrahimian


In progress


Compatiblity Testing of Clinical Care Classification System for Nursing Care Records of Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients in Emergency Ward of Kowsar Hospital

Dr Homami


In progress


Investigating the relationship between sexual dysfunction and sleep disorders in emergency staff of hospitals in Mazandaran province and their wives

Dr Ebrahimian


In progress


The Concept of Depression Adjustment in Children with Cancer: A Hybrid Concept Analysis

Dr Fakhr-Movahedi


In progress


The relationships among general and spiritual health with moral sensitivity and distress in emergency staff

Dr Babamohammadi


In progress


Medical patients transferring risk classification from prehospital environment based on prehospital medical emergencies early warning scale

Dr Ebrahimian


In progress


Comparison affect licorice and green tea gargling on sore throat, cough and hoarseness after extubationin endotracheal tube in patients undergoing elective surgeries

Dr Askari


In progress


Comparison of Self-care in Diabetic Patients with Heart Disease and without Heart Disease

Dr Nobahar


In progress


Investigating the effect of citrus auratium on neurocognitive functions? happiness and job Burnout in pre hospital emergency personal

Dr Ghods


In progress


Comparison of the effect of Zingiber and Acupressure on chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting (CINV) in patients with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma

Dr Babamohammadi


In progress


Designing and psychometric propertis of resilience tool in nursing students: mixed method sequential exploratory

Dr Ghods


In progress


Effect of valsalva maneuver during arterial sheath removal on pain intensity in patients undergoing coronary artery angioplasty

Dr Ghods


In progress


Exploring the Adjustment process of nursing students with Internship

Dr Babamohammadi


In progress


The effect of diaphragmatic breathing on severity of chest pain, anxiety and physiologic parameters in patients with acute coronary syndrome

Dr Fakhr-Movahedi


In progress


Effect of Propolis on ventilator associated pneumonia in patients hospitalized in critical care units in Shahroad Hospitals

Dr Nobahar


In progress


The effect of diaphragmatic breathing on pain, stress and vital signs of patients during dressing of tibial fracture

Dr Fakhr-Movahedi


In progress


Assessment of pre-hospital medical emergencies transportation necessity and related factors after the Kermanshah earthquake

Dr Ebrahimian


In progress


The comparison of oral and inhalation Mintha piperita essence effect on chest pain and anxiety of acute coronary syndrome in the emergency ward

Dr Ghods


In progress


Effect of thyme Spray on bacterial colonization of oro-pharyngeal in patients hospitalized in critical care units

Dr Askari-Majdabadi


In progress


Assessment of the amount of effect of voice praying on anxiety and physiologic parameters in patients with myocardial infarction (MI) admitted to coronary care unit

Dr Reisdana


In progress


Comparing the effect of essential oil of hyssop and chlorhexidine mouthwash on oral hygiene in intubated patients in General intensive care units

Dr Ebrahimian




The effect of oral administration of Thyme honey on anemia and some cardiovascular risk factors in patients undergoing hemodialysis

Dr Nobahar


In progress


Comparison of the effects of aromatherapy with essential oils of lavender and valerian on pain and anxiety in coronary artery bypass graft

Dr Ghods


In progress


Effect of using warm serums during surgery on hypothermia, postoperative shivering and pain in patients after major orthopedic surgery in lower extremities

Dr Askari-Majdabadi




AComparison prevention survey effect of warm serum injection andHot air radiant on post Caesarean Section Surgery Headache - nausea and vomiting

Mrs Shafaeian




Comparison of The effect of Mint and Chamomile on reducing residual stomach volume of patients undergoing nasogastric feeding in intensive care unit

Dr Ebrahimian


In progress


Effect of reminiscence therapy on cognitive disorders and depression in hemodialysis patients

Dr Nobahar




The effect of valerian (Sedamin) on cognitive disorders and EEG in patients undergoing hemodialysis

Dr Nobahar




The comparison of tracheal tube close and open suction on severity of pain and physiological indicators in under mechanical ventilation traumatic brain injuries patients

Dr Ebrahimian










Workshops by Nursing Care Research Center in 1398 (2019)










Basic Principles of Working withMAXQDA

28 Sep. 2019

Conference Hall, Faculty of Nursing


·         -Introduction to Software

·         -Coding methods

·         -Analysis methods

Students and postgraduates (Master, Ph.D. and M.D.)

Based on the Continuing Education Rules


Q Methodology

26 Oct. 2019

Conference Hall, Faculty of Nursing


·         - Introduction to the Q methodology

- Applied principles

·         - Application and Methods

Students and postgraduates of medical sciences

Based on the Continuing Education Rules


Advanced cardiac life support (CPR)


23 & 24 Nov. 2019

Conference Hall, Faculty of Nursing


·         -Introduction to  2015  guidelines for CPR

·         - Life-threatening arrhythmias

·         - Medications

- Approach to tachyarrhythmia, brad arrhythmias  and cardiac arrest


Students and postgraduates of medical sciences

Based on the Continuing Education Rules


Head of this center
Dr. Abbas Ali Ebrahimian
Ph.D Health in disasters and emergencies