Head of the Center

Dr. Mohammad Reza Asgari


Members of the Center 


Nursing Care Research Center (NCRC) started its activities with the approval of the competent authorities of the SEMUMS in 2010. By gaining the required conditions in 2015, this center requested the approval in principle to the Deputy Minister of Research and Technology of the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education. This center obtained the principled agreement in two hundred and forty-ninth session, of the Development Council of the Ministry of Health in October 18th 2015. So, the official activity of this center began.

Address of the center in the scientometric system of the Ministry of Health:



Development of research in the field of nursing, attracting nursing researchers and using their knowledge and experiences, attracting and allocating resources needed for researchers, targeting nursing research, utilizing modern nursing science in the world, conducting applied studies, helping to solve nursing problems and helping in training of specialized human resources and researchers in the field of nursing. For more information, please click here

Research priorities

Becoming a research pole in the field of nursing research in the region, gaining a favorable position among other nursing research centers in the country, conducting qualified research in the field of nursing care, helping policy-making in the field of nursing in the province and the country, providing consultative opinions to the scientific and executive institutions of nursing in the province and the country, helping to solve the educational and research problems of nursing in the province and the country, helping to improve the scientific level of the country in the field of nursing knowledge, implementation of targeted training programs and courses in order to train specialized and committed human resources in the field of nursing, appropriate response to the basic research needs in the field of nursing. For more information, please click here

  Five-year strategic plan of Nursing Care Research Center ...

Features and capabilities

This center acts in the field of education and research in nursing care at three levels of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. The center's activities, including observing the principles of ethics in research, preserving human dignity and rights, cultivating knowledge, producing and promoting nursing knowledge, supporting new and applied research in the field of nursing, conducting purposeful and qualified research activities, training research and efficient human resources in the field of nursing, helping to improve the health of patients and ultimately helping to improve the health of individuals in the community. The mission of the Center is to facilitate research to help strengthen the field of nursing. This research will expand to the individual, family, and community dimensions with a focus on general, acute, and emergency cases. Efforts will be made to use research results to improve patients, maintain and promote the health of members of the community. Also, the diversity of research affairs in the dimensions of applying technology in nursing education and care, holding training courses, research empowerment, publishing books and magazines and concluding employment contracts with other professions for scientific synergy will always be considered.


 Comparative Data Analysis in Different Versions of Grounded Theory

Qualitative Research Approaches Focusing on Content Analysis

Data Analysis Approaches in Qualitative Studies


  • A comparative study of the attitude of patients participating in narcotics anonymous program and undergoing methadone maintenance therapy towards substance abuse
  • The effect of the open and closed system suctions on pain severity and physiological indicators in mechanically ventilated patients with traumatic brain injury: A randomised controlled trial
  • Comparing acupressure with aromatherapy using Citrus aurantium in terms of their effectiveness in sleep quality in patients undergoing percutaneous coronary interventions: A randomized clinical trial
  • Association of stress and anxiety with self-care in hemodialysis patients
  • The effects of acupressure on the symptoms severity and function status and electrodiagnostic findings in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome
  • The effect of thyme honey on anemia in hemodialysis patients
  • The Effect of Spiritual Care Based on the Sound Heart Model on the Spiritual Health of Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction
  • Adult weight gain and the risk of cardiovascular disease: a systematic review and dose-response meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies
  • Effect of hydroxyzine on pruritus of hemodialysis patients
  • Practical calculation of mean, pooled variance, variance, and standard deviation, in meta-analysis studies
  • Effects of drug use reminder sms on controlling hypertension in elderlies: A clinical trial study
  • Factors associated with unnecessary requests for an ambulance by non-traumatic patients after the acute earthquake responding phase: a qualitative content analysis


Nursing Care Research Center, Ibn Sina Building, International Campus of SEMUMS, Road 5 Km of Damghan, Semnan, Iran.

Telephone: 023-33654191

Postal Code: 3514799442

Fax: 02333448950

Email: ncrc@semums.ac.ir