Welcome to the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Our department situated in IRAN and our effectiveness is enriched by our past and present history of medical education for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Our Vision is to be a national and international department in Obstetrics, Gynecology by setting standards, and furthering innovation in clinical care, education and research.

The generalist division of OB and GYN is diverse in its involvement in women’s health and its intimate kinks to the other divisions within our department of obstetrics and gynecology and newborn care. Through our commitment to excellence in clinical care, we are integral to the recruitment and participation of patients and staff in the many research activities of the Department. Our commitment to teaching is demonstrated through the volume of undergraduate and postgraduate medical education provided in the SEMUMS Hospital.

Academic Staff

Name Degree/Major  
Mojgan Rahmanian Associate Prof. CV
Elham Safarieh Assistant Prof. CV
Sanam Moradan Full Prof. CV
Nahid Rahbar Associate Prof. CV
Azam Azargoon Associate Prof. CV
Sharzad Agha Amoo Assistant Prof. CV

Head of Department:
Dr Elham Safarieh