Occupational Health of MH


Expert of Occupational Health of MH

Ms. Bayat



  • Developing the policy, strategy and objectives of the occupational health office of the hospital in line with the strategy and policy of the hospital
  • Taking action to develop hospital processes and indicators in the field of occupational health
  • Participating in creating culture in the field of policy, strategy, programs and goals of occupational health to all personnel
  • Planning and taking action to prepare a booklet on occupational health
  • Preparing and collecting (implementing) a set of rules, regulations, instructions and procedures related to occupational health in the hospital
  • Compiling occupational health certificate of the hospital, including a comprehensive plan of the hospital and location of offices, preparing a list of all available jobs, identifying and collecting processes and job descriptions by ward and hospital offices, preparing a list of all official, contracted staff and contractors, apprentices and interns
  • Planning to perform risk assessment of all occupations, analyzing assessment results (identification, measurement and evaluation of all physical, chemical, ergonomic, biological and psychological harmful factors of work environment, safety and accidents), determining the priority of risk control in hospital
  • Preparing and determining corrective and preventive programs and measures based on risk assessment and occupational examinations and taking action to review them
  • Preparing program and performing (monitoring and supervising) routine inspections of hospital offices and wards based on their level of risk and relevant checklist, preparing reports for relevant offices for follow-up and execution of them
  • Supervising and evaluating the selection and performance of contractors (providers of occupational health engineering and occupational medicine services) with the relevant office in the hospital, and preparing reports
  • Cooperating with the Medical Equipment office for purchasing equipment in terms of considering the safety issues of the devices
  • Planning and forming a committee for technical protection and occupational health with the cooperation of other approved members, preparing minutes of meetings, following up minutes according to the relevant regulations and sending a copy of minutes to legal authorities including labor offices and relevant health centers
  • Carrying out annual educational needs assessment of all hospital staff, preparing and determining the educational program in different and required ways.
  • Implementing training programs and evaluating all hospital staff continuously in cooperation with the hospital Education office
  • Cooperating in the development and implementation of management program of crisis and disaster, and participating in relevant committees in the hospital
  • Taking action to establish and manage the Chemical Management System (identifying and evaluating existing chemicals, preparing chemicals used in all places, and training of all cases to exposed workers in all stages of storage and maintenance, consumption and disposal ٰ) to control Pollution of the workplace, personnel and the environment.
  • Cooperating with occupational health inspectors of the Ministry of Health, deputy or health care networks
  • Planning for performing and supervising the performance of occupational examinations (before employment, periodic and special) and filing the health record of employees.
  • Taking action to analyze the results of occupational examinations, preparing programs and corrective measures, and submitting reports
  • Supervising the conclusion of contracts with contractors and the obligation to comply with the regulations of the Occupational Health office and based on the safety regulations of contracting affairs.
  • Cooperating to create, implement and monitor the process of registration, review, analysis and reporting of accidents and diseases caused by work, and submitting the necessary and timely report to the relevant authorities (health centers, labor office, social security, etc.)
  • Determining and supervising the installation of signs, safety and warning signs and posters informing and educating occupational health in the hospital.
  • Determining the type of personal protective equipment appropriate for each job based on risk assessment, cooperating and monitoring quality based on the selection and purchase process with the relevant office, training and monitoring the continuous use, and maintaining personal protective equipment properly
  • Dealing with complaints, criticisms and suggestions of employees in the field of occupational health and occupational medicine based on the process developed by the Committee for Technical Protection and Occupational Health
  • Planning for the design and implementation of systems of management of safety, health and environment based on the policies and objectives of the senior management of the hospital, collecting, analyzing and timely sending statistics and information required by the deputy / networks and health centers and other competent authorities.
  • Cooperating and interacting with other related experts (infection control, environmental health, etc.) in advancing the goals of the office
  • Planning and taking action to update information and instructions and office checklists, documenting them and revising them.
  • Collaborating in the development and implementation of a system of suggestions and a system of encouragement and punishment in the field of implementation of occupational health guidelines through management / head of hospital or other supervisors
  • Planning for the implementation and determination of corrective and preventive measures, goals and programs in order to control and reduce common diseases and accidents caused by work in hospitals (musculoskeletal disorders, job stress, shift work, etc.)
  • Planning to implement and monitor occupational health programs, including ergonomics, lighting, sound, safety, chemicals, and other occupational health-related programs notifies by the Ministry of Health or the University.
  • Collaborating to implement a plan to check out and implement hard and harmful jobs based on hospital management plans