Occupational Therapy Department

According to the definition of WFOT (World Federation of Occupational Therapy), occupational therapy is in the field of rehabilitation and health. Occupational therapy relies on purposeful activity. It is believed that purposeful activity has a great impact on improving the health and quality of life of the individual and society.


From occupational therapy perspective, the principle is based on one's existing abilities and capabilities and relying on value orientation and evaluation on one's functional functions.


The main view of occupational therapy is based on maintaining human dignity and paying attention to people's existing abilities after the onset of disorder and disability, and in this regard, using knowledge related to Kinesiology, Biomechanic, Activity Analysis, Neurology, and the use of new psychological methods such as Model of Human Occupation and… it presents the activities that can be done and accompanied by success and proportionate and enjoyable to the individual so that by creating value in the person and then in the society, it can provide the social ground for patient or disable people with the society.


Based on medical sciences and analysis of targeted activities, as well as modern psychology, occupational therapists engage in clinical activities in all areas of rehabilitation.


Academic Staff:

Name Degree/Major  
Hossein Ali Bakhshi MSc CV
Ali Akbar Pahlevanian MSc CV
Mina Sadat Mir Shoja MSc CV
Mona Simin Ghalam MSc CV
Zahra Ahmadi Zadeh MSc CV


Head of Department:

Dr Hossein Ali Bakhshi