Office of Monitoring and Evaluating



Expert of the Office of Monitoring and Evaluating

Zahra Safaei


Address: Deputy of Educational Affairs of SEMUMS, Headquarter of SEMUMS, Semnan, Iran.

Telephone: 023-33441022-1021

Internal No: 023-31052148


Office of Monitoring and Evaluating is one of the main offices of the Center of the SD of Medical Education. Its most important task is to improve the quality of education in the university, which is achieved by upgrading the knowledge of evaluating, formulating, designing and implementing systematic evaluations in the university. So, according to the areas of activity of this office, including the evaluation of the institution, educational and curriculum programs, university professors and student, the important responsibilities of this office are as follows:


  • Formulating, designing and implementing systematic evaluations of curriculum, training courses, student and faculty members
  • Developing new methods of assessment and evaluation of students, program and training courses
  • Providing consultation to professors and departments in these cases
  • Evaluating educational performance of faculty members of the affiliated faculties of the university from the point of view of the students, heads of departments, vice dean and dean of the faculty using web-based software
  • Providing comprehensive reports continuously based on the results obtained from the evaluating processes and sending them to stakeholders (professors, deans, etc.)


Evaluation of teaching quality of professors of SEMUMS was done by completing forms manually in the past. Relevant questionnaires were distributed in colleges and students completed the forms in a short period of time. Being time consuming and other problems made this method unable to evaluate all courses of professors. Also, low percentages of students participated in that evaluating process. The information was recorded and then analyzed by the operator.

Accordingly, the software for monitoring and evaluating the activities of the faculty members of the university was purchased and put into operation. In the first stage, evaluations were performed via the web as a pilot in the second semester of 2012-13, and after that, it was performed continuously in each semester.

In this evaluation method, all students can log in the website with a username and password in the educational system at any time during the determined time (which is usually the last 2 weeks of each semester), select the evaluation item, observe the selected courses in the relevant semester and complete the evaluation questionnaires of the professors related to each course. In addition, unless students complete the evaluation forms, they will not access to other facilities of the system, such as receiving the entrance card to the test session, viewing the grades or selecting a course for the next semester.

The report of evaluation results will be sent to the professors, heads of faculties and other relevant offices by the Office of Monitoring and Evaluating. So, professors can improve and modify their teaching methods, and managers can make more appropriate decisions about hiring and promoting professors. Ultimately they can make dynamic education.