Office of Talented Students



Expert of the Office of Talented Students

Lida Fatahi


Address: Deputy of Educational Affairs of SEMUMS, Headquarter of SEMUMS, Semnan, Iran.

Telephone: 023-33441022-1021

Internal No: 023-31052149


Organizational status of the Office of Talented Students in university:

Each university has an Office of Talented Students to do all affairs related to talented students. The Deputy of Educational Affairs of SEMUMS has an Office of Talented Students which has been established since 2001.



  • Creating a suitable environment for talented students to gain a research perspective in case of problems and the ability of logical analysis
  • Providing a suitable educational platform for acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills to manage, implement, analyze and interpret research projects in the field of medical sciences
  • Providing talented students with the information of the problems of health, treatment and medical education
  • Strengthening the motivation of talented students to serve the country
  • Strengthening the sense of responsibility and commitment of talented students to human values according to national, religious concepts and observing the principles of research ethics



  • Identifying all students who are subject to the use of regulations and guidelines related to talented students
  • Supervising and following up on the implementation of regulations and how to allocate the cost of related funds
  • Creating a suitable scientific, cultural and welfare platform in order to improve the scientific level of students through seminars and workshops, extracurricular classes for teaching of foreign language, computers, creating suitable dormitories and paying scholarships.
  • Providing scholarships to excellent students and graduates.
  • Providing consulting services, appreciating innovative and inventive students and introducing them through newspapers and mass media
  • Coordinating with the Deputy of Research and Technology to support the conducting of scientific research
  • Introducing excellent students to the assessment organization to continue their education to a higher level without exams, with exams and ...
  • Holding the intra-university stage of the students' scientific Olympiad