Operating Room


Head of Operating Room

Ms. Elham Jorabloo



This ward has 4 active beds that perform orthopedic surgery, urology, ENT, general surgery, obstetrics, ophthalmology and neurology. This ward is ready to admit emergency patients 24 hours a day. The operation room of Motamedi Hospital has 4 active rooms, a recovery ward with an active recovery bed. There are a gynecologist, a general surgeon and an anesthesiologist all hours and all days.

The operating room is active all days of the week in the morning shifts, in which all general and gynecological surgeries are performed, whether elective or emergency. It is ready to accept emergency operations in the evening and night shifts.

Types of gynecological cases (D & C-APR-C / S, hysterectomy, etc.) and types of general surgical cases are performed based on the rules of aseptic, sterilization and the standard in this ward.

The operating room and anesthesia staff provide services by obtaining job responsibilities from the relevant official. They try to promote health based on quality and standard by trying to access the latest surgical methods and training methods of patient care. The operating room staff helps the surgeon to perform the surgery by scraping and circulating. The anesthesia staff helps the anesthesiologist by providing trained educational information and using the latest methods in anesthesia to make the surgery safe and free of any a mistake or a problem.

At the end of the operation, the recovery staff provide the necessary training to help the patient in taking care of themselves according to the anesthesia performed, and thus take a step to reduce the patient's anxiety.


Recommendations and tips for clients:

In order to perform non-emergency operations, it is necessary to refer to the relevant surgeon in advance and specify the time of the operation, refer to the reception of operating room to file a case one day before the operation.