Operating Room of VH


Officials of Operating Rooms:

Technical manager: Dr. Hesam Sedghi

Head Nurse: Seyed Mohammad Reza Mirsaberi

Accreditation interface: Seyedeh Samira Hosseinian

Educational interface: Masoumeh Rostamian


It is located in an area of 720 square meters on the first floor, next to the ICU and the surgical ward and has different parts as follows:

Admission station, 6 operating rooms, 1 plastering room, recovery with 13 beds, counseling room, doctors’ room, head of the ward’s room, 2 changing rooms, 2 separate rest rooms for men and women, storage and ...


Operating Rooms:

Each operating room has a room for storing sterile equipment, and a scrub room for washing and disinfecting hands.

Most of the standards have been observed in the interior of the operating room, the walls are tiled and the floor is covered with antistatic flooring.

Each operating room has an anesthesia device, operating bed, oxygen storage capsule, central oxygen system, central suction, drug trolley, electroshock device, negatoscope, tables, sialtic lights, electrocautery, warmer, pulse oximeter, two portable surgical- anesthesia suction.


  • Urological operations are performed in operating room No. 1, where the relevant equipment, including an in-organ crusher and a cystoscopy, are located.
  • Ophthalmic operations are performed in operating room No. 2, where relevant equipment including a fico and ocular microscope are located.
  • General surgeries are performed in operating room No. 3, where the relevant equipment, including a laparoscope, are located.
  • The gynecological operations are performed in operating room No. 4, where the relevant equipment, including a ligature device and a colposcopy, are located.
  • Orthopedic operations are performed in operating room No. 5 and the relevant equipment including arthroscopy, DHS bed, orthopedic drills and pneumatic garage are located.



  • This room is equipped with 13 beds, 1 anesthesia machine, 8 monitoring devices, 2 pulse oximeters, 4 portable suction devices, resuscitation trolley, medicine cabinet, 13 manometers oxygen and central suction.
  • Registering tests, supplies and medications, transferring the patient to the post-surgery ward, all are done by the personnel residing in the recovery through the HIS system.


The surgeries performed in this section:

  • Probing of lacrimal duct, glaucoma, cataract, pterygium, chalazion, etc. DCR
  • Thigh and leg interlock, plaques, arthroplasty and arthroscopy ...
  • Cholecystectomy, laparoscopy, hernioraphy, cystectomy, appendectomy, etc.
  • Prostatectomy, Cystoscopy, Internal Crusher, TUR
  • Cesarean, hysterectomy and curettage, ovarian cysts and other gynecological operations