Pediatric Ward


Head of Pediatric Ward

Ms. Sabzi khabaz


Patients hospitalized in this ward include infants, infants over 1 month of age, and children 1 to 15 years of age. Patients are admitted to this ward either directly from the office or indirectly from the emergency departments, GYN, maternity ward, etc. Common diseases in this ward are infectious and non-infectious, like: Hyperbili, DM, GE, Shigela, sepsis and ....

This ward has 18 beds, 6 incubators, 2 phototherapy machines, 7 phototherapy machines, 1 resuscitation bed and also 5 pulse x-meters.


Recommendations and tips for clients:

Mothers should pay attention to nurses' guidance and training during discharge, observe proper diet for children, and study educational pamphlets given to mothers during discharge.


Specialist Doctors:

  • Dr. Ahmad Akbarzadeh, Dr. Pourzahabi, Dr. Mansouri - (Pediatrician)