Pediatric ward of VH


Head of the ward: Dr. Yousefi, Pediatrician

Head Nurse of the ward: Ms. Emani, MSc. Pediatric Nursing


Specialists of the ward:

  • Dr. Mohammadi, Pediatrician
  • Dr. Yousefi, Pediatrician


The pediatric ward of Velayat Hospital is located on the second floor, in the southern block of this hospital.

This ward is a combination of the Pediatric ward with 19 beds, which includes four 4-bed rooms and three single rooms. The Neonatal ward, which includes one 4-bed room for infants admitted from the maternity ward, and one 8-bed room for infants admitted from home.

In order to better control and reduce the risk of disease transmission between hospitalized children, patients' rooms are based on the diagnosis of diseases as rooms 1 and 2 with eight beds for patients with respiratory, fever and seizures, and rooms 3 and 4 with eight beds for gastrointestinal patients and often gastroenteritis. Single rooms are reserved for patients who need isolation or special treatment conditions from the physician's point of view. This ward has a playroom with toys, entertainment and teaching aids for hospitalized patients, an examination room for performing special measures, a medicine preparation room, a doctor and nurse room, a staff rest room, a rest room for mothers and newborns, and a storage room.


Equipment of the ward: In this ward, single and intensive phototherapy devices, ultrasonic nebulizer, infant resuscitation bed, incubator and infant cut, milking machine, pediatric wheelchair, drug injection pump and other general facilities, medical gas equipment and nurse summoning alarm are on each patient's bed.


Hospitalization of the patient:

Patients are hospitalized through outpatient admission (pediatric clinic, office and clinic) and emergency admission.