Personnel Office and Secretariat


Expert of Administrative and Recruitment Affairs

Ms. Ghanbari, Ms. Bagherian



  • Checking out and preparing all recruitment rulings according to growth plans and the Civil Service Management Law
  • Implementing job classification plans
  • Responding to administrative correspondences
  • Implementing annual staff evaluation and performing all relevant administrative matters properly
  • Implementing job development plan for nurses and health care providers and staff experts
  • Carrying out all employee retirement matters
  • Doing affairs related to employee leave



Experts of Secretariat

Ms. Bagherian, Ms. Shahsavari



  • Typing office letters and notes from linear notes
  • Typing instructions and contents
  • Notifying the orders issued by the supervisor to the relevant persons


Responsibilities of Archiver:

  • Receiving letters, papers, files and other correspondence received at the place of work
  • Recording the summary of specifications and their flow in the indicator and index office
  • Separating, distributing letters, reports and other correspondence between the people of the relevant office and following them up.