Personnel Officer of Promotions and Appointments


Parvin Zamini

Associate Degree



  • Studying laws and regulations, directives, instructions in order to implement them correctly and on time.
  • Obtaining orders and work plans from the relevant supervisor
  • Preparing a summary of the file of the personnel applying for changing the title of the calculation of the degree in order to be exploited in the Job Classification Plan Committee
  • Implementing the set policy in order to perform activities well
  • Obtaining and checking out personnel files in order to prepare a draft of the desired rulings, including promotions and appointments
  • Matching all issued rulings with the draft prepared in order to correct the discrepancies
  • Examining the documents related to the martyrs in order to correct the recruitment rulings
  • Calculating records of newly hired personnel based on the rules and regulations
  • Carrying out matters related to witness personnel and the employment status of war veterans in accordance with laws and regulations
  • Preparing and adjusting the required statistics according to the order of the superior authority
  • Providing appropriate solutions to improve and advance current affairs
  • Submitting performance report monthly according to the order of the superior authority
  • Preserving and protecting treasury property, both consumable and non-consumable
  • Carrying out other assigned affairs according to the order of the superior authority