Pharmacy of MH


Technical Official of Pharmacy of MH

Dr. Shadi Kalaei



The hospital Pharmacy is active with 3 personnel (including a pharmacist and two pharmaceutical technicians) and provides services to patients hospitalized in medical wards. In this pharmacy, there are over 500 items of medicine.



  • Providing pharmaceutical services to hospitalized patients by trained and experienced personnel
  • Providing medical advice and guidance to staff and hospitalized patients by the technical official of the pharmacy
  • Preparing the drugs used by the patients hospitalized in the wards and sending them to the medical wards
  • Providing and distributing all drugs and disinfectant solutions to all wards of the hospital
  • Preparing hospital pharmacopoeia and its update
  • Preparing, storing and distributing narcotics in accordance with relevant laws
  • Pharmaceutical warehouse services include: providing hospital pharmaceutical resources from reputable pharmaceutical companies with existing standards, and meeting the pharmaceutical needs of the hospital pharmacy
  • Participating in the meetings of the committee of medicine and hospital equipment, checking out the medical needs of the wards and making suggestions to improve the processes
  • Supervising the storage of various drugs in warehouses in terms of their expiration date and expiration