Physical Education


Expert of Physical Education:

Ebrahim Keshavarzian

Mahdi Baghban



  • Helping to improve the quality of life, strengthen the health, and abilities of students
  • Generalizing social justice, comprehensive and balanced development of sports programs and activities
  • Spreading the culture of sports among academics to achieve a healthy society
  • Guiding, supporting and monitoring continuously of the activities of sports associations and those involved in sports in the university
  • Arranging plans to prepare students, staff and professors to achieve better results in sports competitions and Olympiads
  • Providing the necessary facilities for the expansion and development of student and staff sports in the university



  • Providing, arranging sports facilities for the implementation of student sports training programs.
  • Monitoring and evaluating sports programs, technical services of coaches and how to implement the programs.
  • Offering and planning various sports competitions for different occasions.
  • Motivating and encouraging students to actively participate in sports activities
  • Reviewing and summarizing students' opinions for holding sports classes.
  • Cooperating in preparing and arranging sports contracts.
  • Commenting on the purchase of sports equipment and supplies in order to standardize them and their optimal use.
  • Planning and managing sports venues and following up on related matters.
  • Preparing and setting up a sports calendar for students and implementing it.