Department of Medical Physiology

The department of medical physiology, as a part of the school of medicine, began its work in 1989. Since then, the department has been developed with more faculty members and laboratories with more facilities. The first postgraduate student was admitted for the Master’s program in physiology in 2002 and finally in 2010, the first series of PhD students were hired. Today the department is consisting of 8 full time faculty members and 24 postgraduate students (13 Master’s and 11 PhD’s).

Physiology laboratory

The laboratory for physiology is located in the department and provides the students of different medical fields with basic laboratory courses in physiology, such as; measuring blood pressure, electrocardiography, spirometry,  blood cell counts, cardiac recording of changes in rate under different physiological conditions of chemical or electrical stimulations and pain measurements.


Research in physiology

Currently, the focuses of most of the researches at the department are mainly consisted of neurobiology of stress (behavioral and molecular aspects), learning and memory (behavioral and molecular aspects), neuropathic pain, nerve conduction studies and wound healing, opiate dependency, pathophyisology of cardiovascular system such as high blood pressure and brain hemodynamic and cerebral ischemia. The laboratories are located at the ‘Physiology Research Center’, which is also in the main campus of the University. For more information about the laboratories and research programs please refer to the ‘Physiology Research Center’ at


Faculty members of the physiology department are listed as below:

Name Degree/Major  
Ali Rashidy-pour Ph.D, Full Prof, Physiology CV
Abbas Ali Vafaei Ph.D, Full Prof, Physiology CV
 Abedin Vakili Ph.D, Full Prof, Physiology CV
Hossein Miladi-Gorji Ph.D, Associate Prof, Physiology CV
Katayoun Sedaghat Ph.D, Assistant Prof, Physiology CV
 Mahdi Zahedi Khorasani Ph.D, Associate Prof, Physiology CV
Morteza Jarrahi Ph.D, Assistant Prof, Neuroscience CV



Head of Department:
Dr Hossein Miladi-Gorji