Physiotherapy Department

Physiotherapy means the therapeutic use of physical factors in the undergraduate course. Physiotherapy teaches students how to use physical factors such as heat, cold, light, electricity, etc., as well as mechanical factors such as exercises and movements to improve and treat or restore the activity and function of the body and help the disabled use their existing abilities and upgrade these abilities to achieve independent living as much as possible. This field is one of the research branches of rehabilitation services that is offered in three levels of bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees. The graduates of this field mainly perform the mentioned services in physiotherapy centers and hospitals. At present, the Faculty of Rehabilitation of Semnan University of Medical Sciences has been accepting undergraduate students since 1989 and M.Sc. since 2008.



The physiotherapy department of the Faculty of Rehabilitation consists of the faculty members of the physiotherapy of the Faculty of Rehabilitation, which started its activities in 1989 at Semnan University of Medical Sciences. Due to the establishment of the Rehabilitation College in 1999, in this distance, the group was under the auspices of the School of Medicine, which continues its activities in the Rehabilitation School with the formation of the Rehabilitation School. The main purpose of establishing this group is to train skilled and specialized human resources based on the latest scientific achievements in Iran and the world in order to meet the country's rehabilitation needs.



Academic Staff:

Roghayeh Mohammadi Assistant prof CV
Seyed Ziaodin Safavi Assistant prof CV
Rozita Hedayati Associate prof CV
Abdolhamid Hajihassani Assistant prof CV
Fatemeh Ehssani Assistant prof CV
Elham Fatemi MSc. CV
Sirus Taghi Zadeh Delkhosh Assistant professor CV
Atefeh Aminian Far Assistant professor CV




Head of Department:

Dr Atefeh Aminian Far