The Office of Software and Portal of SEMUMS intends to launch specific systems and websites in order to update, make information accessible, and facilitate many academic affairs.

Therefore, more than a dozen systems under the web and specific websites have been launched and used, which by updating and providing the best services, are able to provide the latest information and news to visitors and clients, like the websites of the deputies, colleges, hospitals, health networks, research centers, and so on.


  • Supporting sub- portals of SEMUMS
  • Coordinating and guiding sub- portal experts of different university offices
  • Updating the information posted on the Portal pages
  • Controlling the sub-portals of the centers to update the content and solve the existing problems
  • Designing banners, images and required files in case of announcement
  • Making a backup copy of the University Portal in order to protect and maintain the information at the required time intervals