Presence and Absence

Article 22) Presence of the student is obligatory in all the sessions related to the courses, internship periods. Not being present in every session will be considered as absence.

Article 23) The absence hours of a student should not exceed 4/17 in theoretical, 2/17 in practical and laboratorial and 1/17 in internship and training sessions. Otherwise, the score for that course or section will be considered as zero.

Note 1: Allowed absences in Article 24 are accepted provided that students bring in documents for that and the related professor approves it. Acting against absences (either excused or not) will be the decision of the professor and agreement of the college.

Note 2: If the number absences exceed the determined number in Article 23 but the educational council of university’s campus considers them excused, that course will be dropped. In this situation following “the minimum 12 units” for each semester will not be obligatory but that very semester will be considered as a whole semester in the educational history of the student.

Article 24) Unexcused absences in examination of each course or section will be considered as zero and excused absences will be a cause for that course or section to be dropped. Determining the genuineness of excused absences in the final examinations will be upon the educational council of the university.