Process of Patient Admission in MH


Admission procedures for patients receiving hospitalization orders through the clinic or doctor's office:

  • Referring the patient or his / her companion to the Admission to form a hospital record with the hospitalization order in hand
  • Entering the patient's details and required information (address of the patient's residence and telephone number) in the HIS system, obtaining the consent of the patient or his companion and creating a file (it is necessary to have the patient's national card)
  • Referring the patient to the relevant ward
  • Having a copy of the first page of the patient insurance booklet, if needed
  • Having a letter of introduction from the relevant insurance, in case of having supplementary insurance


Process in the ward:

  • Delivering the patient file to the ward secretary
  • Identifying the patient's room and bed in the hospital ward


Admission process for hospitalization of patients who refer to the hospital Emergency ward:

  • Referring the patient to triage, and determining the level of triage by the nurse on duty
  • Receiving an admission order from an Emergency physician if needed
  • Referring to the Emergency Admission to complete the file, and obtaining the consent of the patient or his companion
  • Referring the patient to the Emergency ward for temporary hospitalization in the Emergency ward and, if necessary, transferring him/ her to the relevant ward and continuing treatment


Documents required at the time of patient admission:

  • Hospitalization order from the treating physician
  • Having a national card to complete the patient's identity information in the admission program and filing
  • Submitting a copy of the first page of the patient insurance booklet, if necessary and if you have supplementary insurance, submitting a letter of introduction from the relevant insurance
  • Submitting accident sketch or police report, a copy of vehicle insurance policy and a copy of national card (a copy of residence card or valid passport for non-Iranian injured) is required for patients of traffic accidents after the admission process.


Admission of outpatients:

Admission of outpatients is done 24 hours a day (full-time) in such a way that patients are admitted and their identity details are registered in the system and general practitioner visits the patient, injections and paraclinical services are performed for him/ her.


Admission of clinical patients:

Admission of clinical patients for echo, exercise test and visit of anesthesiologist is done by appointment.