Projects of Research Center


  • Evaluation of clinical manifestations and duration of corona treatment in patients with a history of allergies referred to Kowsar Hospital
  • Design and fabrication of hydroxyapatite / gelatin nanocomposite bone scaffold loaded with berberine for cancer treatment
  • Differentiation and ultrastructural study of retinal pigment cells derived from bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells
  • Design and fabrication of a new polylactic acid / gelatin-nano hydroxyapatite / scaffold-rich plasma scaffold using 3D printer technology and freezing
  • Evaluation of anticancer effect of whole elm extract in vitro laboratory
  • Evaluation of the effect of co-administration of levodopa and nortriptyline in an experimental model of Wistar Parkinson's rats
  • Evaluation of the effects of Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester simultaneously with use of Levodopa and Benserazide in Parkinson's rats
  • Evaluation of the relationship between history of diabetes and hypertension with clinical findings and duration of hospitalization in patients with infection with the new COVID-19 virus in Motamedi Hospital in Garmsar