Psychology of MH


Expert of Psychology of MH

Ms. Javidnia



  • Planning based on the three levels of prevention in the fields of education, counseling and rehabilitation.
  • Studying in the field of neurological diseases and determining the type, prevalence and incidence of these diseases in the country.
  • Studying in determining the necessary standards for mental health, developing and implementing indicators and models of mental health.
  • Studying and checking out information on psychological services in all areas of empowerment of the target community.
  • Participating and cooperating in the development and implementation of development programs of community psychology.
  • Coordinating and attracting intra-sectoral and extra-sectoral collaborations in promoting programs of mental health.
  • Preparing, collecting, controlling, analyzing the necessary statistics to perform relevant reports.
  • Performing psychological tests such as tests of intelligence, personality and talents of individuals, forming and standardization of tests to assist in psychiatric diagnoses.
  • Interviewing, evaluating, diagnosing and participating in appropriate treatment programs for patients and target groups.
  • Completing the clients' psychological file and recording the required information.
  • Visiting psychiatric patients admitted to the wards periodically and reflecting necessary reports to the treating physician.
  • Assisting a psychiatrist in psychometrics and preparing a psychological history of individuals.
  • Cooperating in the implementation of psychological interventions in disasters for different levels.
  • Preparing and arranging educational programs and texts for the target groups.
  • Participating actively in internships, skills and training courses in order to improve job information and capabilities, and applying its results in performing assigned tasks.
  • Participating in applied research in the field of health system in the relevant job.
  • Visiting psychological patients daily who are hospitalized in hospital
  • Treating individual psychotherapy of hospitalized patients according to the needs and diagnosis of the psychologist
  • Counseling with hospitalized patients individually according to the needs and diagnosis of a psychologist
  • Educating hospitalized patients individually according to the needs and diagnosis of a psychologist
  • Counseling with the families of patients admitted to the hospital
  • Handling the complaints of patients
  • Assessing the level of staff satisfaction with the management team and administrative facilities
  • Assessing the patients' satisfaction with the quality of medical and non-medical services provided
  • Performing the necessary interventions to prevent and avoid recurrence of suicide


Counseling services are provided to all people from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.