Public Relations of VH


Expert of Public Relations of VH

Morteza Sallo




  • Reflecting the important news and events of the hospital to the public relations of the university to be presented in the mass media and informing the officials.
  • Reflecting important news and events of the hospital to the relevant office for uploading on the hospital site.
  • Sending replies, corrections and denials to the public relations of the university in order to respond to the mass media with the coordination of the superior authority.
  • Participating and cooperating with other offices in holding national and religious ceremonies and occasions.
  • Preparing photos, videos and news about the activities performed in the hospital.
  • Cooperating in holding exhibitions on various occasions.
  • Planning, coordinating and supervising the visit of officials to the hospital.
  • Providing the necessary information to guide the client and supervising the client guidance offices.
  • Planning, directing and supervising the advertising space in the field of activity.
  • Cooperating in holding lectures, questions and answers of university officials, health network and hospital with staff and people.
  • Participating in councils and formal meetings of the hospital if necessary.
  • Communicating and cooperating continuously with the university's public relations to carry out activities.
  • Performing and following up other assigned tasks according to the order of the superior authority.